The Great Famine Voices Roadshow was welcomed to the John J. Burns Library at Boston College by Christian Dupont, Burns Librarian and Associate University Librarian for Special Collections.

Ellen Alden, author of Yours Faithfully Florence Burke: An Irish Immigrant Story, participated in the Great Famine Voices Roadshow in Boston and shared her story of how she found letters written during the Civil War by her Famine Irish ancestor Florence Burke from Schull, County Cork, which she has donated to the Burns Library.

A Visit to Deer Island

The Great Famine Voices Roadshow recorded this video when visiting Deer Island and the site where a Famine Irish memorial is being erected with a view of the Boston skyline across the harbour. The story of the Famine Irish on Deer Island is recounted by John McColgan, archivist of the city of Boston at this link.

Great Famine Voices Roadshow Boston Gallery   

The descendants of other Famine emigrants who survived the journey shared their family memories and stories in The Great Famine Voices Roadshow Boston gallery below.